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MONUMENTS: work by Zoárd Wells Tyeklar @Lilypad (Inman Square)


Closing Reception 1/31, 9pm

ZOARD WELLS TYEKLAR has produced some of the most memorable and dynamic show posters Boston has seen in the last few years.  This long overdue solo show includes his print work and drawings which explore people’s capacity to be connected without actually knowing one another (or themselves for that matter) and the coinciding anxiety over this mental clash.


Zoárd’s process mimics these ideas of detachment:

“I carve wood and make impressions with it.  Each impression is a mirror opposite from the one I drew into the wood.  It’s this slight disconnect that allows me to see the image anew when I first pull the wet paper from the inked wood.  It’s like discovering something you already knew…”

The closing reception is a do-not-miss event on Friday 1/31 at 9pm with the rocking distorted haze of FEDAVEES and HOMEWORLD @1353 Cambridge St.  If you can’t make it to the party, make sure to stop by and peruse the walls @Lilypad  before it’s gone 2/9!





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