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Could you create 100 mini zines in 100 days? Do you have the mental fortitude, the creativity to execute, and the self-confidence? Laura Meilman, artist, illustrator, and Harry Potter enthusiast, attempted just that in #100minizines.

In the series, topics ranged from underwear, recipes, puns, pop culture, stories, fantasy, bananas, alligators, and dropping historical nuggets like in no. 26, “Age of Agony: Medicine at Sea in the 1800s.” This mini zine is so informative, it could be a handout at the USS Constitution Museum. Although wordy, the illustrations are a fun way to interject contemporary opinion on those gruesome practices.

Maybe the project only made it to 70+ zines in 70+ days but that accomplishment is not to be understated. That’s 70+ days of drawing, writing, creating. It’s a concept that will jumpstart any art practice. If you’re feeling the barriers are too high for you do to it too — create for 1 hour a day, everyday — there’s some advice in no. 67, “Best Art Advice.”

And that advice is… “Don’t make art. Just make something.”

Follow Laura Meilman on Instagram @l_meilman and find all the mini zines posted with #100minizines.


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