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From 'The Street Team'


The “street team” has always been a thing in Brain Arts, but now it’s truly established as a community not only by our newly created Street Team mailing list but by us as a non-profit. I’m Michael, I joined Brain Arts a little over 6 months ago and it really changed my thoughts on promotion.

You see the street team is in charge of a lot, they’re in charge of flyer printing and hanging, compass printing and distributing and various other forms of traditional promotion. You may think that because it’s a lot to handle it’s frustrating but hey… it’s actually really fun. You get to hang out with cool people in flyer hangs, see cool artwork before everybody else does on their local cafe bulletin board and even make a change for the better.

In this what we call “digital age” there’s less and less innovation in promotion because (sarcastically) why waste time with these up and coming weirdos when we can spend 350 dollars on the next music festival? However, we’re not as weird as people make us out to be and 2 if you pay that much for any music show it’s likely going to suck. Flyers bring back the awareness of these cool low-key events happening in your neighborhood that you wouldn’t have found out about otherwise. So really… why look at limited opportunities in your Facebook event page when you can just go outside? Experience the real world for once and flyer away!

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