Live At The Gilmore

Live at the Gilmore

by Ms. Gilmore Tamny


Good morning, or afternoon, or really whatever you like, I’m not picky,

I am happy to say I will be starting a column here at the mighty force for good that is Boston Hassle, presuming WordPress and I develop the degree of intimacy I hope we will. Now. Am I superstoked? I am. I’ve much to say much of it heretofore unsaid (not to oversell: don’t expect confessions of murder, etc., unless writerly desperation overtakes me). I, as always, like a variety pack approach, so as my fingers tip-tap-tip-tap-tippy away on my laptop, here are the subsections filling the coffers, ready to spill over onto the internetto page:

Snack Reviews (an ongoing project in this golden age of proletariat molecular gastronomy)

Haikus4Us – why haiku for you dear reader

Once Upon a Tamny Time – I like anecdotes

Subject du Jour – a vague catch-all which will include small essays about, like, say: ink, human frailty, boring mysteries, Florence Nightingale, the serenity prayer, Emile Nolde (still not sure about that one), movies I haven’t seen, enthusings for rawk bands, various hobby horses, etc.

The Fiction Mortician – infinitely subtle yet spellbinding pieces of very short fiction filled with universal truths

Unsolicited Advice – because who doesn’t enjoy this?

Of course, I hope you read and check back regularly. I like to write a lot.

Caveat a-go-go: I will take pains to mitigate some genetic tendencies to eh problematic spelling and punctuating as well as the sort of homonym-ing that causes despair and eye rolls in some circles. But: something inevitably will slop out unnoticed (prolly even today), and, well, we’ll all just have to cope as best we can. Occasionally though I just like to keep things interesting. Lettuce see what happens.

As soon as I figure out how to better put in the photos on here, I will better put more photos on here, apropos to the topics at hand.

With acute sincerity,

Gilmore Tamny

p.s. I am in excessive exclamation point recovery, so if you like them a lot this may not be the column for you.

BIO (kind of) Here are some of my other projects I am in the thick of, should you be interested: Weather Weapon (band),
on-line novel (a potboiler!)
Drawings (drawings)


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