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Tonight at Charlie’s Kitchen a caboodle of lo-fi bedroom pop for your meandering saunter. Swingy and surf-y Little Foot, reminisces like the metallic, stardust romance of a deserted ballroom, with guitars lightly drizzled in reverb and dreamy vocals–as a loan wallflower is drenched in blood. Fleabite cranks it out juxtaposing, dynamite fuzz pop infused with creamy vocal a la trio femme fatale. Kassie Carlson swanks beautifully crafted gems, out of two keyboards and a microphone and maybe, probably a drum machine; the soundtrack for an American heroin on safari in Brasilia and of course it’s the 70’s or early 80’s and of course there are ninjas somehow, but there is also the radio dial and Jane La Onda. Oh thank you Minidresses for the sweet guitar, all glittery with tremolo, and slides and reverb and wham (?) and a truly syrupy vocal; sounds for the lonely trip to the sea shore, all hell bent, and broken hearted and nostalgic for the soft armed intention of the boy who hopefully still loves you.
C’mon out. You know you want to.

8pm // 18+ // $5 // FB

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