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Listen To: Tonetta


Pervert, freak, faggot, performance artist, musician; descriptions of Canadian nutter Tonetta span the fucking spectrum of language, but no single word could ever pigeonhole him. With songs and videos spanning a 30 year career, YouTube phenom Tonetta didn’t start out making music for the public; it was strictly self gratification. Well, now we are the ones being gratified, and what a sweet sweet feeling it is. Taking cues from NO ONE, Tonetta is Lo Fi to a T; necessity, not aesthetics, with catchy, slutty dance-punk played on 30+ year old guitars, tape delays, and until 2008, reel to reel 8-Tracks, if !!!, R. Stevie Moore, Vito Acconci, and Adam & The Ants gang banged, surely Tonetta would pop out somewhere. Titles like “G&B Showers”, “Daddy”, “Skinheads Versus Me”, “Pure Punk”, or “Drugs Drugs Drugs” come nowhere close to doing this funky freak justice. Seemingly interested in only the depravity of sexuality, Tonetta is a pure, honest artist, through and through. Equal parts maniac, musician, artist, poet, freak, and pervert, make him everything we are afraid to be. Now, finally, Black Tent Press has begun releasing tracks from his over 30 year career. Bow Your Heads! I present to ya’ll, the LEGENDARY-Tonetta!


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