Punk crashing headlong into 60s rock and psychedelia creates a shambolic, fuzzy sound called NOTHING PEOPLE. Orland, CA’s own have that woozy fucked pop thing down. Lost synths bump into walls, misdirected by wandering guitar solos only a mother (and myself, and maybe maybe you too?) could love. Drums clatter. Small songs burn away, quickly giving way to non-songs with contagious grooves. Riffs flow and then fall away. Proto-punk/garage slop here but with massive pinches of psychedlic notions. These gentlemen have recently put out a 4th LP on Indiana’s very cool CAPTCHA RECORDS. It is called SMELLS LIKE METAL. “Dirty Kiss” creates a very haunted house pop atmosphere with minimal drums, several synths and simple repeated vocals. “Commit” is loaded with fuzzed out guitars and maybe a harmonica intro? Again the lyrics are very simple, as are the chord progressions. The vocal melody draws you in and before you know it the song is over and you’re playing the tune again. Simple infectious weird pop from guys who have been putting out really cool records for a while. Previous records came out on the very on point S.S. RECORDS. A newish 7″ also out on CAPTCHA. When they hit the East Coast we’ll make sure to have them over you can bet.

MORE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NOTHING-PEOPLE/492652695360

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