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LISTEN TO: Dan Melchior, NEW 7″, “Red Nylon Valance”


The righteous folks at SDZ Records sent us the new Dan Melchior 7″ and it demands your attention. Melchior has been establishing himself as a fuzzy garage rock kingpin for several years now, the dude is prolific and his songwriting is superb. We recently wrote up his Catbirds and Cardinals LP on Northern Spy records but since then he has released two other LPs and this fine single, Red Nylon Valance. Frankly, it’s hard to keep up with him but we can’t stop trying.

Dan Melchior “Red Nylon Valance” from max dembo on Vimeo.

Red Nylon Valance is a real creeper. Spooky organ, primal drums, sweet fuzz guitar and bouncy bass all play a part in creating a truly haunting piece. But it is also strangely comforting, as if Melchior himself is helping you through a bad acid trip that only lasts a little over 4 minutes and that you actually want to relive again and again. The B side, Dogbite Meltdown, competes with ease. It feels like descending a psychedelic spiral staircase into the unknown; Could be dangerous down there, or there might be a sweet reward, but either way you are compelled to continue. And you’ll be glad you did because what you actually end up with is a fat little bass groove that tells you to flip that shit! He’s got a knack for twangy riffs that can drone on for a lifetime, which is often just what the doctor ordered. We really got hot for Dan when we picked up his latest LP Excertps and Halfspeeds from Weirdo which proves his ability to be totally captivating without tunes. This single is a return to song form but he’s always keeping one foot in the weird, which is why we know we can trust him. Pick it up and see what we mean – order HERE listen HERE

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