Vancouver lover boy, woozy crooner and non-stop hitmaker. All of these things are Mac Demarco, he formerly known as MAKEOUT VIDEOTAPE(a bunch of sweet recordings under this name, check em’). Glam shows through the warble, and haze of the recordings. PURE GUAVA era WEEN is a soundwise jump off for some of this, the rest of it ready made classic jangle pop, emphasis on the pop. Pure unadulterated joyously beautiful pop songs. Haven’t bumped into anything this charming in quite a few days. CAPTURED TRACKS is doing the honors on a new 12″
record called ROCK AND ROLL NIGHT CLUB. There’s also a couple 7″s out on that label. And where does this all leave us? This leaves us with songs EMBEDDED in our heads and a want to let loose on the dance floor. The LP features some demented and dumb fake radio intros that nevertheless add to the proceedings in some way. “Rock And Roll Night club” invites you out on the floor and delivers to you a good time with some sweet chorus drenched songwriting. “Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans” continues Demarco’s trademarked make out vibes, with a cool guitar lick and some final words on dungarees and the sweet ladies who wear them. NEIL DIAMOND, eat your heart out. “Move Like Mike” has got the tape wobbling, and may or may not be an ode to Michael Jackson. I certainly hope so. Yet more funky jangling pop paradise. These arrangements come off like a warped early 70s BOBBY DARIN record, or maybe a smoother but more F’d SHOTGUN WILLIE or something. Melting 70s pop cassette in the sun every day. Damn. Great fun.


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