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Since 2004, multi-instrumentalist Justin Randel has been pumping a unique blend of experimental dance-punk under the moniker I Love You (aka Ya Tibyah La Blu) from that cradle of house music that is Chicago. Mixing punchy polyphonic guitar riffs, a minimal but effective dose of jangly percussion, a dash of funky horns and a generous psychedelic sprinkling of electronic accents, I Love You’s synchophated weirdo grooves coalesce under the direction of Randall’s smooth moaned ramblings. This is the kind of persistent party music that subtlety infects even the most intractable ‘too-cool’ listener, gradually seizing their nervous system and transforming them into a devoted slave of the dancefloor, ready for sacrifice. Go see for yourself TOMORROW with Straight Angular, the Craters and BIRTHDAYS at Gay Gardens. Until then, get pumped with their latest release, Feeling Bad to Feel Better.

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