Does the name HEAVEN AND EARTH sound classic to you? Well, it is. This repress of the their album REFUGE(on LP and CD) offered by Light in The Attic Records and Lion Productions gives us the sounds of Pat Gefell and Jo D. Andrews. They are the two lovely psychedelic/folk artists who called themselves HEAVEN AND EARTH, and originally recorded REFUGE in 1973. Lion has done a wonderful job re-mastering and promoting this band once known only in Chicago, but they oh so cruelly limited their production to 750 LP’s and 1000 CD’s. The sounds of Heaven and Earth are not relegated to the psych/folk realm; they slide into funk or a soft rock vibe from time to time as well. A solid back beat found on many of their tracks serves to tie the distinct elements of the album together. The duo also harmonizes and uses strings to enhance the beauty of the songs. Good listening. Oh, and if you’re going to be raving in the future, keep an ear out because, according to their website, some tracks from HEAVEN AND EARTH are making the remix rounds in various DJ circuits.

by Spencer Thurlow

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