Half joke(maybe more like 90%) band with a new-ish 7″ out on SUB POP. This 7″ is a multitude of short punk, hardcore and related bursts(13 of them) that never even come close to breaking the 2 minute mark. Ois are thrown around with little care. Bubbling bass lines open songs. Ironic punks will dig this, as will weird rock and maybe noise rock ethusiasts, as this thing veers far from punk for a good chunk of its brief playing time. “Hotel Five Star” is some kind an anthemic punk tune, with lyrics so sparse and dumb that you can hardly take it. “Ten Dead” is more of the same but with some really nice guitar squall also involved. “He’s Dead” lets the noise guitars loose all over some lost grunge progression. So brief, so dumb that it works. If not for the clearly over talented playing(and the fact that it’s on SUB POP) this might have been quickly overlooked now only to resurface as a lost pebble of punk strangeness on some rad comp somewhere down the line. MAN IS THE BASTARD, LOS CRUDOS, and even some CRASS vibes here, but only aesthetically. This is good.

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