Sam Coomes from QUASI joined up with Spencer Seim from HELLA and the result is GROK, the first album from the duo who go by the name CROCK. This is a strange, groovy pop record full of noisy excursions, much electronics, and lots of riffage that will definitely catch your ear. The songs vary from pretty and groovy to heavy and groovy, always taking a step into a direction you weren’t expecting. The opener “No More Dumb Fun” lays down the serious fuzzy groove right off the bat. Then those dreamy QUASI backing vocals emerge and you just know this is going to be good. “Eat Your Hat Out” is a lilting, creepy, NES music tinged weird rock psych popper. “None Came Back”, the closer, is simply an insistent groove to take us out by, all funky drums and bass and weird electronics. It pretty much fully encapsulates this fun, noisy album. Hopefully a tour follows. Stop by Boston guys.

MORE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crock/193544234036507

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