DOOMSTAR, the great bouncy, garage thunderstorm that had been reigning in these parts for the last few years has ceased to be. This would normally be sad as holy hell, but from their ashes have come two belligerently, and very differently awesome bands; Hunnie Bunnies, and our topic for this post, CREATUROS, who have just put up a new track on their bandcamp. The lonesome track(actually an excerpt/teaser from their upcoming full length LP) is called “Creaturos” and is it full of the pop addled garage stomp you would expect, but drifts across several states of mind during it’s 13+ minutes which cover a few different CREATUROS’ jams. One of your new favorite local bands. See them as part of the BOSTON HASSLE wearable button/music player comp RELEASE SHOW on 12/11 @ GREAT SCOTT!

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