One of Finland’s all time great musical exports, CIRCLE has been by turn been mesmerizing and terrorizing the ears of listeners around the world  for two decades. Their albums have general come in three different varieties: kraut rock/hypno-rock, improv/experimental, and NWOFHM, or New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal(wherein they take a decidedly JUDAS PRIEST-ian approach to their music). They released a new album this year called INFEKTIO on CONSPIRACY RECORDS. In style this record comes closest to fitting into the experimental folder, but it definitely has some kraut tendencies. Appropriately they start this record with a track called “Salvos”, a 15 minute plus sparkling and spacey electronic/guitar drone. New agey synths provide a bed for an endless sequenced synth babble. Voices, perhaps electronically affected, drift in and out. “Pisara” begins witha  vaguely bluegrass sounding riff that flickers about alongside various percission and eventually big synths and more guitars, and finally the gutteral sounds of the human voice. “Saarnaaja” would be almost fusion jazz sounding if not for the motorik influence of the drums. Here an electric piano dribbles and oozes over psychedelic guitars and electronic soundscapes. So worth getting lost in, let us hope this gang finds there way to the U.S. again sooner than later. Below find CIRCLE’s great heavy, and trance inducing turn of the century record PROSPEKT(out on EKTROVERDE) for download.

MORE: http://www.circlefinland.com/


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