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Raw as holy burning hell noise rock from Brooklyn. I first learned of CHAT LOGS when they did a split with our pals MANY MANSIONS. Deeply pleasurable and groove laden scuzz emanates forth from these men like light beams from those nazis when the ark finally gets opened up. Only these guys don’t melt or explode, they just keep on dropping awesome on us. Veering back and forth between runaway train noise rock and forays into electronics and somewhat mellower sounds, my attention is held completely. Their latest recording is called LIVE CRUST. And the fact that it is a live recording from WRUW 91.1 FM in Cleveland, OH only makes it more impressive. “JokerDracula” is 5 minutes of raging noise rock tension creation that finally gives way to a sludgier guitar freak. “Cropsee pts. 1 and 2” gives us some of that sequenced groove to start, making the rhythmic bed for the rest of the way until the guitar can longer hold back, pleasantly sharing with us psychedelic passages, a world away from the loud these guys can bring. By song’s end all falls apart. “Salamon Da’em” brings it all together. A sequenced beat below thunderous full on noise rocking’ clamor, bits and pieces of LIGHTNING BOLT variety vocals peeking out. Relentlessly riding the groove to the end, and then pummeling it into disfigurement. I like it. I really do. Noise rock meets electronics that knows how to party a little bit and is not afraid to mix it up. Look for them up here in Boston fairly soon.

MORE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chat-Logs

CHAT LOGS – Strangler Fig – LIVE @ DEATH BY AUDIO from Brian Goodwin on Vimeo.

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