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Bands message us all the time with their music here at the Hassle, and we encourage that fully(especially when sending vinyl records)! And when there’s time we even get to listen to what we can. The sad thing is that not toooooo much of it is really what we’re looking to put our ears on. Sometimes however, you get an email, get to listen to it, and take a shining to the music right off. And that right there is the case with CHAPARRALS, a newish Somerville/Cambridge band featuring members of KAYO DOT & EHNAHRE, but sounding NOTHING like those locals heavy heavyweights. CHAPARRALS’ steez is more in the vein of a very pop indie-folk kind of thing. I must admit that I generally run for the hills whenever I see or hear mention of the term “indie-folk”, but quality, interesting songwriting will shine through every time, no matter what genre it is cloaked in. And that is what we have here. There are hints of indie, in the guitars, and folk(and/or country) in the harmonies and melodies and beat, and it all comes together beautifully and very fully formed. “Bridge Don’t Break” is a reverb slathered bit of loud quiet loud rumbling Neil Young territory kind of country pop. The hooks keep me coming back, and the raunchiness of the guitars don’t make me feel dirty for wanting to. And there are other songs on this little EP that are just as good. Hopefully they’ll be playing live in my neighborhood(and yours) soon. Check this bunch out, especially if you live in Boston! Catch them @ Church on 2/22.

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