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Liana’s Fire



Lo-fi strangeness emenating from within the female weird spectrum of Boston, MA. LIANA’s FIRE is all over the musical map. There’s electronics frying in the sun. Pretty acoustic guitars happening. Effects laden vocals lost in the clouds. And beats and synths sometimes forced into the service of some kind of electro-pop, but at other times allowed to wander freely. This is some free spirited shit, crawling with a genre-less flamboyance that the artist herself proclaims proudly. DEMO SET NO.2 was released on bandcamp a couple months back and it’s a journey from song 1 through song 10. And while extremely raw (wonderfully so), and no doubt still congealing, this feels like a cohesive weird. I want to hear more of these experiments and to slip further into the realm of possibility with these sounds on my headphones. “killj killj killj” brings the beat to the forefront as our singer coos away. The song skips from idea to idea the rest of the way, the ripples of vocals that remain not disturbing the beat whatsoever. I’ll be listening for the next batch to appear.

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