Hey so LAIR (a guitar and drum duo born in the dissipating afterspice of that most cumulonimbical of prog-flavored Boston noise tropostructures, Arvid Noe) just left for a near-month long US tour and GUESS WHAT they didn’t have a kickoff show or anything so we barely even friggin’ knew about it. For all you know, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, this band is not even a band in the first place. Which is exactly why this article is happening. In fact, it’s happening RIGHT NOW. We’re both in this together. Hi.

Anyway let’s set the DAT tape straight: LAIR IS A BAND. Good. With equal particulates early prog, Krautfluence, and noise-rock (in the penumbric sense of that term) all swirling around in their particular pool of slurry, LAIR’s sonic contributions to the eternal and vacuous ether of silence and boredom are to this nerd precisely what need to be happening in order to satisfactorily pass time here in the sorry dumpster of disappointment we call REALITY. Ya get all that?

Dig particularly LAIR’s decidedly determined take on futurism, more to the point retro-futurism if’n you take your conceptual movements solidified verbally (cream and sugar are over there, we have soymilk but ya gotta ask for it). Again, in the absence of strong evidence to the contrary, one would just as quickly assume these sounds were ripped to PC from an only-recently-unearthed golden laser disk that some egomaniacal pharaoh had himself buried with in order to preserve his good favor in the compound eyes of our proto-societal galactic overlords. I’m talkin’ Ancient Aliens here, man.

But no, this is music made here in Boston, recently, by and for humans. Goddamn.

So if it’s not too forward of me, while LAIR is out skimmin’ on the ol’ tarweb for the next 3 weeks or so I’d like to assign everybody some required listening. A selection of tracks from the duo’s self-titled debut LP (out on Boston’s own Surveillance Investments and recorded by the understatedly handsome Mark Fede), is now streaming freely on this bandcamp page. GO THERE and feel the tractor beams of joy wash over your innermost heart. After that, proceed to the Surveillance Investments webstore to pick up a copy of the REAL EFFIN’ THING.

LAIR gets back to our zone at the end of the month, so keep your eyes to the skies and look for their mothership’s all-caps callsign to catch ‘em in a fleshy state. That is to say, at a show.

Live long and do what you want.

Tour dates/deets here:

8/5 – Binghamton, NY – w/ Dog

8/6 – Pittsburgh, PA – w/ Dog

8/7 – Cleveland, OH – @ Now That’s Class – w/ Spruce Ha, Dog

8/8 – Ann Arbor, MI – @ Reed’s House – w/ Mounds, Clay Rendering !

8/9 Kalamazoo, MI – @ Milhouse – w/ M. Sord , Dog

8/10 – Chicago, IL – @ Kissy World – w/ Bat Manors & Tina

8/11 – Milwaukee, WI @ Treats Tavern – w/ Lives Lives, Economy Superstar

8/12 – Minneapolis, MN @ Pork Ave – w/ Weakwick, The Pen Test

8/13 – St Louis, MO @ Blank Space w/ Pat Sajak Assassins

8/14 – Columbia, MO – @ PDM

8/15 – Fayetteville, AR @ Backspace

8/16 – ???? Help ??

8/17 – ???? Whoa help! ?

8/18 – Birmingham, AL ? – w/ Gnarwhal

8/19 – Nashville, TN – w/ Gnarwhal

8/20 – Murfreesboro, TN

8/21 – Asheville, NC

8/22 – Greensboro, NC @ Fantasy

8/23 – Harrisonburg, VA

8/24 – Kutztown, PA

8/25 – Philadelphia, PA – @ LAVA Space w/ Bugs & Rats, Hunnie Bunnies

8/26 – Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio w/ Bugs & Rats

8/27 – Providence, RI @ Spark City w/ Bugs and Rats

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