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Update: Ava Luna has cancelled due to weather/car problems, but the show will still ROCK!

Hide those tears—Krill is here (forever). The cheeky Boston trio will be releasing their new EP, Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts into Tears (Exploding in Sound Records), which is equal parts philosophical deference and salty wink to another group of local heroes, all done with a shit-eating grin. Don’t let that fool you; their distinct batch of experimental pop-rock steeped in spry angular guitar riffs, kinetic melodies, and potent rhythms is catchy as hell, and you’d be a stooge to miss it. If you’re not quite sold, let it be known that not only was their last album available in a ball of mozzarella, but they have their own theme song as well as a song about being a floating poop (everyone’s greatest fear as far as transfigurative existential crises go).

Supporting will be Ava Luna, bringing their manic, avant-garde soul highlighted in glowing harmonies and dominant bass lines, in anticipation of their forthcoming album, Electric Balloon (3/10 via Western Vinyl). Dreamy garage duo Fat Creeps, having just released a single for a cassette due this spring (via Gnar Tapes), will be doling out bad-ass, psyched-out girl-rock tinged in 60’s cycle hum. Kal Marks lays down a heavy helping of post-hardcore thump, punctuated with a tortuous and captivating howl of a croon. Unfolk nihilists Fat History Month take you on a long drive with nothing to think about and make you like it—and then some.

TONIGHT, take a break from this dystopian winter and head on down to center of the universe, Great Scott, as it implodes on itself, with tall boys and killer tunes included for the ride.

9pm // 18+ // $7

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