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JUNE COMPASS: Discover the Others (New England Underground 3)

NEU3 goes down on 6/15 & 6/16


This hundredth issue of our monthly is very important to me. It’s a collective of all things underground: art, comics, opinions, shows, films, perspectives, activities, and most importantly individuals. It’s the people that make this here thing and it’s the people that fill it with all manner of creative divergence. Fitting then that I get to highlight the event that perhaps sums up our cause best. That’s right I’m talking about NEUMF, this time in its third iteration. The fest meant to explore, seek out, entice, and showcase the very people who inspired us to create this organization so many years ago. The NEW ENGLANDERS! All under one roof (or sky!) and spread across two days on June 15th and 16th @ Elks Lodge and Art Farm in Somerville! As Eclectic as ever and embracing the fringe (as they do) are a smattering of musical luminaries all from within a days drive away. Violet Nox, Baylies Band, Cadaverette, World War, CONTAINER, Weather Weapon, Picniclunch, Ruth Garbus, Sheer Anxiety (Pensado/Strunk), Andy California, Brandi Blaze, OG Swaggerdick, the list goes on!! You got everything on the punk spectrum, hardcore electronix, harsh noise, improvisational emulsions, freak pop, hip hop, alt-jazz, and all the in between mish mash pummeling you with lightning 20 minute bursts back to back to back to…you get the idea. If you’re new to the area and have picked up Compass #100, for you Compass #1, come on out to this and say hey. It’s the best initiation to the space hidden just behind the mirror. Forget the algorithm induced isolation we face on the daily. While the rest of the world mindlessly scrolls through life on autopilot we’re all here to take that sharp left turn down the dirt road. Hop in the car.



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