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JANUARY COMPASS: Notes From the Crew


This time last year, I had no idea what Brain Arts Organization (BAO) was. I had never heard of The Boston Compass, Boston Hassle, Black Market, but this all changed in May. I was scheduled to meet with the volunteer coordinator, Sinai, but there was a hurricane warning issued that day. I considered rescheduling but a longstanding goal of mine (that I kept on putting off) was to volunteer, become more active in the community, and to get involved in something music-related. So I decided to walk in the torrential downpour to meet Sinai, and man, I’m so glad I did. To be a bit more specific, my goals were to:

1. Meet people who shared a passion for music
2. Make friends with people who’d want to go to shows with me (and to get out and go to more shows in general)
3. Just do something/be a part of something I genuinely cared about

As of today, I think I can say I’ve reached my goals: I’ve met people who share similar interests (and people who don’t which is also really refreshing), I went to see one of my favorite bands play with members of the org (hayyyyy Sinai and James Moore!), and I’m now heading up the internship coordination of BAO. So, if you were like me and you’re looking to get involved in an org with fellow music/arts lovers and just all-around cool, hard-working, motivated people who care about the Boston community (PLUS you want to get school credit and/or a bucketload of hands on experience in arts administration), then consider applying for one of our Spring 2019 internships! We’re also always on the lookout for volunteers, so if interested, you can get involved that way as well. Hope to meet you soon! If YOU want to volunteer follow THIS LINK!

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