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Where did we last see you, Jack Latham? Skirting around the edges of the city, calculating the intersections of the body, the leather jacket, and the motorcycle, all with Ballard cleverly sitting in your back pocket? Or was Classical Curves a decoy, a mind-shattering sculpture that let us listeners contemplate the doorway to the club while you hid in the rafters above, soaking up further strains of grime, funky, house, and the Jersey vogue you love so much?

Either way, the man known as Jam City has returned with another slice of dance-floor elegance. His newest collection is the sixth contribution to Nite Slugs’ Club Constructions series. Latham thankfully sticks to his shapeshifting guns. Each track sounds familiar and free, altered only with Jam City’s uniquely subtle touch of emphasizing rather than ostracizing elements of the song.

“Garlands” shines a little brighter than the rest of the EP. Like Curves, the main attraction here is a simple palette and attention to detail. Latham moves the song from spacious throb to futuresex break to cocky romp and back again in just over five minutes. Deft action is interrupted gracefully by statuesque star-gazing. Jam City remains as affective and idiosyncratic as ever – pick up Club Constructions Vol. 6 right here.

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