2013 Year Enders

I’m using this list to preach the gospel of Dust From 1000 Years by Sean History Month


Sean is the leader of a cult, a cult that has over the last whole bunch of years grown like kudzu around his melancholy, indie rock-something special breed of band, FAT HISTORY MONTH. That band released the stunning BAD HISTORY MONTH record earlier in 2013. The duo of FAT HISTORY has not played in some time, but Sean has continued on by his lonesome as BAD HISTORY MONTH, and that brings us to the present. Devotion to an important band in one’s life is not a strange phenomenon. But I’ve never known a band to evoke as much passion in their fans as does FAT HISTORY MONTH in theirs. Try Sean’s music. Go ahead.

Ten is a magic number apparently, at least at the end of the year. This year is the 10th anniversary of my favorite band. Only 990 left till they live up to their name. I’m using this list to preach the gospel of Dust From 1000 Years. I cover their songs all the time because it relaxes me and makes me like music better. Every time I learn a new one it feels like it’s the only thing worth playing and I just want to keep repeating it forever.
Several times I’ve fallen in love with one of their songs the first time I heard it and think I understand it, only to have the real meaning revealed in my own life several months later, explained and expanded through my own experience. I finally understood what they meant when they said “drifting”, months after recording their song about it.
Some of their songs have been harder for me to crack, the sweetness only revealed after hearing them in different contexts, especially in stripped down demos or live versions, and with that in mind I put together this collection of 10 songs, most of which are demos or live versions of brand new and older songs. I’ll put the original recording footnotes at the bottom in case you wanna dig deeper, which I can’t recommend strongly enough.

Big Fat Sean’s Skinny Dust Playlist 2013
1. Wash Us Out To Sea (Live at Poland St. Portland, ME 11-1-12)
2. the fighters (alt 1) (Marble Memo demos)
3. Natives (Live at Greenline, Philly 2/27/12)
4. Black Rot (2013 demos)
5. Moon (Live on youtube mid 2013)
6. Thin Reality (Marble Memo demos)
7. Young (Marble Memo demos)
8. Order From Chaos (Prisoner’s Dilemma)
9. the fighters (alt 2) (Marble Memo demos)
10. Party Song (2013 demos)

I recommend downloading it, here ya go:

Original recordings:
1. Buzzard – http://shyb.bandcamp.com/track/wash-us-out-to-sea
2. Marble Memo Demos – http://musicalfamilytree.com/band/dust_from_1000_years/2340
3. Natives – http://shyb.bandcamp.com/album/natives
4. not released yet
5. not released yet
6. Marble Memo Demos – see 2
7. ” ”
8. Prisoner’s Dilemma – http://shyb.bandcamp.com/album/prisoners-dilemma
9 . see 2
10. not released yet

Below we have added the embeds in chronological order for the links Sean included in his “Original recordings” section above:

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