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Whether you’ve got frozen peas on your swollen lymph nodes, blisters on your fingers, or tampons in your ears, do your damndest to make it out to tonight for some truly soul-spanning snap, crackle, pop. HAP blend folk mayhem, harmonies fit for the proverbial barbershop, and stellar chip tune-y arrangements for surprising auditory wonderment. Get dreamy and lost with FRIENDLY PEOPLE as they weave intricate guitar parts and memorable melodies that wax and wane.
CONVEYOR does it up with intense vocal harms and a euphonious blend of melodies and textures. The combination of traditional, upbeat folk progressions with sonic art is invigorating. Feeling like melting and expanding into “Prime” from their newest album. SKINNY BONES – such a charming duo. Jacob Rosati’s trebly vocal is haunted and spawns out of him in jittery jolts over some sticky noise glitch ambiance manned by Christopher Stopiello. Feeling Wanderlust at the moment, like glancing nostalgically at a heart attack victim, while noticing the negative space between tree leaves and the sky. Anticipate songs from upcoming album.

All this music feels “folktronic” and like a late summer drive in the country, with toy player piano, pink sunglasses, 1st degree ennui and waveforms. Don’t miss it!

8:30 pm // 18+ // $10

Friendly People


Skinny Bones

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