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>3/04 @ PAs Lounge/ somerville, ma/ 21+/ w/ ?Sunburned Hand of the Man, Bill Nace & Keith F. Whitman, Sound of Pot
3/04-3/05 @ Coolidge Corner Theater @ MIDNITE/ brookline, ma/ MANIAC(1981) Directed by William Lustig
3/04 – 3/06 XFest @ 119 Gallery in Lowell
A festival of improvised music, visuals, movement, & poetry

The first day of XFest. It begins in the evening with 10 1/2hr sets. Visiting artists/performers are grouped with local artists/performers. The process is somewhat random. The general rule is that you play with people you have never played with before. A number of sets include movement and all the sets have live video.

8:00pm Dustin Carlson – guitar, Forbes Graham – trumpet, Josh Baker – bicycle wheels
8:30pm David Grollman – snare drum, Al Margolis – laptop, Id m Theft Able – voice & objects
9:00pm A-J Cornell – objects, Dave Miller – drums, Stephanie Lak – voice & surprises
9:30pm Dave Ross – guitar, Andrea Pensado – laptop, Lou Cohen – laptop
10:00pm Ras Moshe – reeds, Ben Farley – keyboard, Marc Bisson – guitar & objects
10:30pm Emilie Mouchous – objects, [open slot], Steve Norton – reeds
11:00pm Valerie Kuehne – cello, Setheyny Pen – drums, Olivia Close – guitar
11:30pm Tom Hamilton – analog synth, Alex Obert – bass, Lou Bunk – acoustic flimflamerie
12:00am Derek Beckvold – baritone sax, Rick Breault – laptop, Johnny McLellan – drums
12:30am Lucio Menegon – guitar, Morgan Evans-Weiler – violin, Angela Sawyer – suitcase of acoustic delights
Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio, Teresa Czepiel and Betty Wang – movement, Dr T and HEXbeam – live video

The second and the busiest day of the festival, at noon Y Sok Woodward, hosts brunch. In the afternoon Jazz & Poetry, a new collaboration between musicians and poets with artists drawing and painting live to the words and music. Following the afternoon session, Y hosts a Potluck Dinner. Again, the evening features 10 1/2hr sets. In each visiting artist/performers are grouped with local artist/performers. A number of sets include movement and all the sets will have live video.

12:00noon Brunch

2:00pm Andrew Eisenberg – percussion, Gordon Marshall – reading
2:45pm Dave Miller – drums, Alex Obert – bass, Dave Ross – guitar, Dave Robinson and Ryan Gallagher – reading
3:30pm Johnny McLellan – drums, Shayna Dulberger – bass, Chris Welcome – guitar, Ruth Lepson and Derek Fenner – reading
4:15pm Emilie Mouchous – objects, A-J Cornell – objects, Id m Theft Able – reading
5:00pm Prehistoric Horse: Lucio Megenon – guitar, Valerie Kuehne – cello, David Grollman – snare drum
Michael F Dailey Jr, Gilbert Gandia, Alyshia Lien, Setheyny Pen – live art

6:00pm Potluck Dinner

8:00pm Al Margolis – laptop, Nick Egersheim – we will see, Dei Xhrist – voice processing
8:30pm Dustin Carlson – guitar, Dave Ross – guitar, Shawn Dailey – keyboard
9:00pm Lucio Menegon – guitar, Mike Funaiole – analog synth, Nick Colella – guitar
9:30pm Chris Welcome -guitar, Michael F Dailey Jr – drums, Jed Speare – laptop
10:00pm David Grollman – snare drum, Eric Dahlman – trumpet, Ryan Scott – guitar
10:30pm A-J Cornell – objects, Alex Obert – bass, Crank Sturgeon – himself
11:00pm Shayna Dulberger – bass, Kit Demos – bass, Abram Taber – bass
11:30pm Tom Hamilton – analog synth, Ras Moshe – reeds, Kevin Frenette – guitar
12:00am Emilie Mouchous – objects, Andrew Eisenberg – percussion, Frank Turek – reeds
12:30am Valerie Kuehne – cello, Dave Miller – drums, Jules Vasylenko – bamboozle
Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio, Teresa Czepiel and Betty Wang – movement, Greg Kowalski and Eric Sack – video

The final day of the festival begins with brunch. The afternoon features bands.

12:00noon Brunch (Y, Angie and the SockHop)

2:00pm Abram Taber & friends
2:45pm MeowMart: Stephanie Lak – keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals, Olivia Close – bass, drums (and friend(s))
3:30pm Loup-Garou: Satan – drums, AlterWalter – electronics (and special guest(s))
4:15pm Crank Sturgeon: (A1 fish band, REY POO)
5:00pm BiRdOrGaN: Marc Bisson – guitar & objects, Michael F Dailey Jr – drums & mayhem, Mike Fun – analog synth, DeiX – voice processing with Greg Kowalski – video
3/05 @ Whitehaus/ jamaica plain, ma/ ALL AGES/ w/ Dick Heaven, Kal Marks, Welcome Home, Gracious Calamity
3/05 @ Gay Gardens/ allston, ma/ ALL AGES/ w/ Girlfriends, Hands and Knees
3/05 @ Kresge Auditorium at MIT/ cambridge, ma/FREE/ w/ The Lontano Ensemble performs music by MIT faculty composers, including John Harbison, Bang-on-a-Can All-Star Evan Ziporyn, Charles Shadle, & Peter Child
3/5 @ Plough & Stars/ cambridge, ma/ w/Thee Fabulous Itchies & Party Pigs (ex. black clouds)
NO LIFE FEST 3/05-3/06

3/5 @ Midway Cafe
Psycho (12:35AM-END)
Castevet (11:50PM-12:25PM)
Ipsissimus (11:00PM-11:30PM)
Hirudinea (10:15PM-10:45PM)
Rampant Decay (9:35PM-10:00PM)
Suffering Bastard (8:55PM-9:15)
Blood of the Gods (7:45PM-8:05PM)
LIVVER (7:10PM-7:30PM)
Scaphism (6:35PM-6:55PM)
Deathgod Messiah (6:00PM-6:20PM)

3/6 @ Sammy’s Patio(Revere)
Witch Tomb (12:10AM-END)
Panzerbastard (11:25PM-11:55PM)
NightBitch (10:40PM-11:10PM)
Nachzehrer (9:55PM-10:25PM)
Blessed Offal (9:10PM-9:40PM)
Bone Ritual (8:30PM-8:55PM)
Vaettir (7:45PM-8:15PM)
Obsidian Tongue (7:10PM-7:30PM)
Sarcomancy (6:35PM-6:55PM)
Die On The Steps (6PM-6:20PM)
3/06 @ Harvard Film Archive/ cambridge, ma/ THE FRIEND(1974) Directed by Yilmaz Guney
3/06 @ the Brattle Theater/ cambridge, ma/ 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY(1968) Directed by Stanley Kubrick
3/06 @ the Brattle Theater/ cambridge, ma/ DEMON SEED(1978) Directed by Donald Cammell

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