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*CANCELLED* GO TO: TONIGHT(7/26) PARK FEAST w/ many bands!!!



Checked in w/ the most up to date weather reports and the best info is saying thunder storms all night(8pm on).
Unfortunately there is no cover, or possibility of cover(for at least instruments) right on the river as we would be so that’s the story.
Look for a reschedule sometime in september!!
We’ll be in touch.
Sorry everyone.
As has been said before in these types of situations,
if you must blame someone, blame God.

Dan + Sam(from B.O.W. Shows)

Tis the season of the outdoor show and with that squarely in mind B.O.W. SHOWS continues the taking back of Boston’s public spaces with their presentation of PARK FEAST #1: Herter Park. Think of this as a stop on the road leading to WOODSTOCK 4.

Enjoy the sweetness that is a summer evening along the Charles River as a shit ton of the Boston area’s best musicians and performers(and some visiting guests) bring their acoustic-ized talents to the banks of Lower Allston. Many acts. Short sets.

Needy Visions
Arkm Foam(of Peace, Loving)
Pancho The Kid
Brendon Wood(of Devil Music/Debo Band)
Gracious Calamity
Ryan Krause
Rotten Apples
Hands and Knees
Kal Marks
Hot Tub Panorama
Ben Shapes

FREE 8pm-ish

DON’T park in the lots by Herter Park, you very well might get towed. Also, this event is NOT legit so don’t call the city asking questions about it etc. THANKS!

There is no rain date, so if it’s down pouring this will unfortunately be cancelled. People can get wet and live to tell another tale, but acoustic guitars and the like, not so much. Watch this space for an official announcement by 6pm tonight!

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