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GO TO: Tonight (4/22) RAW MEET #5 Day 2 @ MassArt Pozen Center


Hopefully you didn’t miss RAW MEET day 1 last night but there’s only so many people they can fit in that joint.. Today there are NO limits. Especially when it comes to performers. The RAW MEET series is known for bringing you the most cutting edge and dangerously creative individuals from all over the planet but mostly from up and down the east coast of the US. Hunnie Bunnies brothers Jeff Johnson and Mark Johnson with help from Bodies of Water and Whitehaus crews will deliver an outstanding psychedelic show today, be there. You may recall a Raw Meet every 3 months or so in 2011, continuing into March, this two day fest is the culmination of that year long process. Tonight in the Pozen Center (the holy grail of massive All Ages spaces in Boston) witness the wrath of local pimps Double Awake, Gay Shapes, Dinnersss, Angela Sawyer, weird w mass’ Sam Gas Can, Maine mang i dm theft able, improv trio Nerdy Virgins, Raleigh NC untamable couple Yohimbe, Providence playas Humanbeast and Time Ghost, Crush Freaks, Worth, Vehement Caress and literally 15 more amazing and freaky experimental artists bringing you to and over the edge of sanity. Enjoy!

Tonight @ Pozen Center at Mass Art
5:00 SHARP! $5-$10 Sliding Scale
Buy Shit from the Bands!

and remember to STAY HIGHDRAYTED till you DILATED 😉

HUNNIE BUNNIES CLIP — RAW MEET 2 from Priscilla on Vimeo.

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