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GO TO: TODAY (6/30) Afternoon Cookout Featuring: The Blank Tapes (CA), Ash Reiter (CA), Meaner Pencil (NY), Ryan Krause, Con Tex @ The Whitehaus


The kids at the Whitehaus just can’t get enough! Hausmate Mark is already throwing one hell of a fest with Raw Meet #6 over at The Smokey Bear Cave tonight, but even before that you can make your way over to The Whitehaus itself for a sick afternoon cookout! (That’s right! There will be food!) As if the promise of a chill afternoon in the sun with some food ‘n’ drank ain’t enough for ya, they’ve got an awesome musical potluck lined up as well. This one starts at 3pm. Headlining this afternoon are two amazing blissed-out psych-pop acts from out in sunny Californ-I-A. The Blank Tapes is the brainchild of San Francisco’s Matt Adams, a veritable pop-song factory who’s been turning out nothing but hits for the better part of 10 years now. With tunes that tie together all the disparate strands of pop music that have developed over the last 50 or so years – and a tight band to boot! – his is a mastery not to be missed for lovers of psych tunes with sweet hooks. If that’s not enough San Fran sweet psych for ya, Ash Reiter is bringing her sultry-sweet take on the ’60s pop vibe (with, of course, just a dash of the modern wistful garage psych you’ve been hearing out of California the last few years) to complement the “Heatwave” at the Whitehaus this afternoon as well! New York ephemeral cello folk goddess Meaner Pencil will be bringing her hauntingly beautiful tunes to share at this potluck as well. The former Nebraskan plays an ethereal, evocative style of cello-folk that keeps your mind working even while it floats in the foggy echo-laden atmospheres she elicits. Rounding out this pre-Meet meat ‘n’ veggie fest are locals Ryan Krause (bringing his unique brands of improvised composition and poetry plus, if you’re lucky, he might bust out a couple Leonard Cohen tunes) and Con Tex (bringing a uniquely skewed take on songwriting, recording, technology, and where they all intersect). It’s gonna be hot, and later it’s gonna get RAW, but this show gives you a chance to chill with some well done pop shrimps and chow down for some sick psych fun in the sun! 3pm All Ages Donate

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