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The holidays are coming fast and whether you like it or not, gifts must be bought and given. But what if there was a way to actually like buying and giving gifts (not just receiving them)? Avoid buying the same ol’ jar of store-brand spiced nuts for your Great-Aunt Barb and go to the Bazaar Bizarre at the BCA Cyclorama!

The volunteering lovelies behind Bazaar Bizarre have been organizing this vast and talented network of independent DIY artists, craft makers, and vendors from all over New England since 2001 and they’ve been springing up in L.A., San Francisco, and Cleveland to boot. These fine folks come together every year to peddle their unique, hand-crafted items, everything from silk-screened pillows to stuffed owls wearing glasses, handbound journals, self-crafted jewelry, and even soap that looks and smells like buttered toast. It literally smells and look exactly like buttered toast.

We can argue for many conscientious reasons to do your holiday shopping here including: supporting local and independent businesses by buying direct, supporting local artists and craftspeople, bringing together and strengthen the local community, meeting new people, learning about the DIY crafts business, etc. but there are also many vain reasons to go such as giving a one of a kind gift you can’t buy anywhere else, being remembered at your office holiday yankee swap for bringing in buttered toast soap, the pride of giving a handmade item by a person you have met in real life, and that feeling of gratitude personally received from the vendors and craftspeople upon transaction. Be prideful about your local arts community! Get your loved ones (and obligatory ones) something different and unique this year at the Bazaar Bizarre! FB Page

Sunday December 16 12-6pm $1 BCA Cyclorama 539 Tremont St, Boston

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