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GO TO: 9/3 @ Harvard Film Archive: DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION(1981) Directed by Penelope Spheeris/RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD(1985) Directed by Dan O’Bannon


One of the most insanely spirited double bills that I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming upon. These two flicks are essentially at, or very near the apex of their given genres: 80s Zombie movies & Punk Documentaries. Both are part of a larger series at the HFA(in Harvard sq.) called AMERICAN PUNK(see list of films in series below). Both are an absolute blast and are rarely, if ever, screened. So do not miss your chance to see them on the big screen and probably with an audience full of appreciators! RETURN is the zombie movie with the punks where the zombies are actually calling out for “BRAINS!” It stars an actor with one of the best names ever: Clu Gulager. And it’s directed by the guy who wrote ALIEN, and John Carpenter’s first film, DARKSTAR. DECLINE is easily the best punk doc ever. Full of ripping bands and shot in a style and with an energy that is full of the punk spirit of the early 80s LA. See prime time FEAR, BLACK FLAG, the GERMS, CIRCLE JERKS and more tear it apart. Directed by the woman behind SUBURBIA(the 80s film) and WAYNE’S WORLD! I don’t even think this one is available on DVD so do not be lame. Go to the movies!
MORE: For full AMERICAN PUNK film line up

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