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GO TO: 5/15(TONITE) Knight Howls/Hunnie Bunnies TOUR KICKOFF + many friends OUTDOORS @ the Abandoned Bear Cages


At what I strongly believe is your first chance since last fall to enjoy wild human sounds amidst the bear ghosts of Franklin Park’s abandoned bear cages, Knight Howls (Frank Hurricane / Arkm Foam) and Hunnie Bunnies (Jeff and Mark Johnson from Hunnie Bunnies) kick off their tour down to SAVAGE WEEKEND FEST in NC at those abandoned bear cages in Franklin Park. Show starts at sundown 7:59pm. It is also Frank Hurrican’s birthday(I think you know him), and the 100th anniversary of the bear cages, so really what is stopping you from attending? An age restriction? NOPE. All ages. The cost? NOPE. It’s free. The rain? Well…nah! Put on your gear, get an umbrella. There will be tarps. Live your life. Hear awesome, weird, poppy, beautiful, and curious sounds ALL. Many locals are playing as well as a sweetly handpicked bunch of visitors. Tonight in JP. DO NOT MISS.

07:59 (sundown)
08:50 miguel valentine
09:00 con tex
09:10 erich haygun
09:20 gracious calamity
09:30 skinny vinny
09:40 hands and knees
09:50 chris north
10:00 dinners
10:10 casey rocheteau
10:20 rotten apples
10:30 hurricanes of love
10:40 foom
10:50 witchwolf
11:00 quinn
11:10 pensado / wright / lak
11:20 i dm theft able
11:35 ben hersey
11:50 roland and jane
12:00 olden yolk
12:10 am usernet
12:20 needy visions
12:30 Hunnie Bunnies
12:40 Knight Howls

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