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Tonight at Great Scott, Speedy Ortiz will destroy your head.

It has something to do with heaviness, with Darl Ferm’s (ex-Daysleeper) gluggy bass lines, but also the way the songs hit you in the guts, almost mimetically, with these intestinal guitar lines (c/o aforementioned Sadie) and Michael Falcone’s (ex-Ovlov, Dead Wives) raw chicken drumming and Matt Robidoux’s (ex-graph (this band’s got a m-f-ing pedigree)) diarrhea fuzz and mucoidal squeal.

What’s always amazed me, though, is that the songs are this good and that body powerful is preserved in live instantiation. Mike has always struck me as a chicken fillet battering himself at the drum set, Darl hunches and Matt squirms and Sadie maintains these ridiculously complex guitar lines and dozen-chord progressions while somehow clearly and tunefully enunciating/howling about MFA-caliber ex-lovers and Taylor Swift and veganism and fucking to Can.

Anyway, go to their fucking shows (of which there are many and never to be missed and an incredible consistency (& I know because I make an effort to see them as much as I can (which is just, of course, never enough))), especially Monday’s showing at Great Scott with the don’t-even-get-me-started-on PILE, crinkle face, sloth rust, & MN’s heavy-as-fuck buildings. Give your Monday the Mondays.


APRIL 14 gay gardens with nyc old friends Shark?, Life Size Maps (glorious drumming and bad-ass cello, don’t miss), & fuzzy heroes Earthquake Party!


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