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>GO TO: 3/23(TONITE!) DOUBLE FEATURE: REPULSION(1965) Directed by Roman Polanski & BELLE DE JOUR(1967) dir Luis Buñuel @ the Brattle Theater



2 for 1 DOUBLE FEATURE @ the Brattle Theater of two films, directed by two of the most interesting directors of all time(Bunuel & Polanski), both starring one of cinemas true beauties, Catherine Deneuve, in two of her better performances. Part of a whole retrospective on Deneuve, of which this is the conclusion. No doubt a wonderful night in waiting.

REPULSION: Deneuve’s follow-up to the beautiful UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG is this harrowing psychological thriller. A sexually repressed young woman (Deneuve) has a mental breakdown (oh boy, she does!) while she is left alone in her sister’s apartment for a few days.

BELLE DE JOUR: A bored housewife leads a secret life as a call girl in an exclusive Parisian brothel. The first of two films Deneuve made with Buñuel, BELLE DE JOUR’s frank depiction of aberrant sexuality generated quite a fuss upon its release but has endured to become one of the most famous and critically adored films of all time.

synopsis text taken from Brattle Theater website

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