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GO TO: 2/17-2/18 the 38th Annual 24 Hour Science Fiction Film Marathon @ the Somerville Theater



Once every year (2/17-2/18 this year), amidst the February doldrums, for a brief 24 hour period, there is a gathering of interesting individuals centered around an odd, particular cause somewhere in the Boston area. The reason for the gathering is a 24 hour long science fiction film marathon (The Thon’), yes really. At 38 years strong it is the longest running event of its kind in the US and probably anywhere in the world. This year (and for the last 9) said gathering of geeks, and freaks, nerds and weirdos, MIT alum and punks occurs in Somerville’s Davis Sq. @ the wonderful Somerville Theater. Having begun its existence @ Cambridge’s fabled Orson Welles Cinema (a victim of fire), and having made stops @ the Coolidge Corner Theater (from which this glorious film & sci-fi celebration was unceremoniously given its walking papers) and other venues in its long history, the Thon truly seems to have found a long term partner in the Somerville Theater and its kind staff. This year will be my 18th and what you could expect if you were to join me and my gang (“The Dick Miller Fan Club”) in attending would be lots of unusuals drinking lots of caffeine and taking in the 60s Danish good bad monster movie “Reptilicus”, the 70s sentient ant flick “Phase IV”, the 00s Japanese adolescent blood fest “Battle Royale” starring
Beat Takeshi, and Carpenter/Russell’s last collaboration “Escape From L.A.” and about ten other celluloid takes on science fiction. You could hang here. And your mind could be blown.

The 38th annual Boston Sci-Fi Movie Marathon
2/17-2/18 12pm – 12pm
All Ages

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