2013 Year Enders

Gary War’s Favorite Musical Discoveries of 2013


Gary War is a prolific and esteemed Cambridge-born experimental rocker who last we heard was residing in Gloucester. We love many times over his last record JARED’S LOT, and it’s insane mincing of electronic and rock sounds. He often DJ’s at Lilypad when he comes to town. Here’s a list of mostly mid 70’s psychedelic deep cuts he discovered in the past year.

Dennis The Fox – “Mother Trucker” LP (1975)

Doc Holiday – “Lady Free” LP (1980)

Crystal Ball – “It’s Not Too Late” LP (1977)

Jimmer Glynn & Alan Rackin – “Things (That Are Happening Today)” LP (2013 retrospective)

Yezda Urfa – “Boris” LP (1975)

TC – “Lamanite” LP (1976)

Pheno S. Kani – “S/T” LP

Pete And Royce – “Suffering Of Tomorrow” LP (1980)

Afelan – “Mdou Moctar” LP (2013)

Rodion G.A. – “The Lost Tapes” LP (2013 retrospective of recordings 1978-84)

Ray Harlowe & Gyp Fox – “First Rays” LP (1978)

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