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Here we have a 00s noise guy gone beat oriented music maker, but keeping one foot in each camp much more so than many of his peers who have followed a similar trajectory. PETE SWANSON, one of two former YELLOW SWANS, put out a couple great records over the last couple of years on TYPE, and now has a new record out on SOFTWARE called PUNK AUTHORITY. Swanson’s post-YELLOW SWANS output has been amazingly crusty in its take on techno, and while this is still very much noise music, it is made far more palatable via the music’s driving beat, which can always be felt, if not fully heard amidst the maelstrom of buzzing noise. “Life Ends At 30” from PUNK AUTHORITY (great title) is a fucked, rhythmically so of course, techno blast, furious beats pulsing away under a thickly spinning crust, synths moving in some set pattern somewhere behind the wall of fuzz. The beat pops out from time to time as if to remind you that its there. Some more party music for you true weirdos. The video is pretty neat, and fitting, and for us Bostonians no doubt a reminder of that big, gassy triangle hovering above Kenmore Sq.

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