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What a treat! I thought that “Bad Skin” would be the only sneak peek of the new HUNX AND HIS PUNX album, but thankfully I was way wrong! This hilarious thing surfaced on the Internet a few days ago, three music videos in one presented as an episode of a fictious program called “Masturbates Theater”. All of the videos and songs are angsty little masterpieces (FUCK YEAH to Shannon Shaw’s vocals) but nothing beats the chaotic pimple popping madness depicted in the video for “Bad Skin”. I think what makes Seth Bogart so brilliant is that he is fully committed to the image and feel of whatever he’s doing, supplementing his music and performances with carefully planned outfits, wigs, elaborate props and backdrops. Throughout his years of being a musical chameleon, all of his various images and personas have been completely on point. I’m interested to see how certain punk communities accept this album and this new side of HUNX AND HIS PUNX, a band that went from bubble gum to ball crushing blasts almost overnight. Will they judge Seth Bogart’s crust pants, or will they realize that they’re essentially wearing the exact same thing?

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