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I don’t know much about BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS and I don’t really care. All is well in my world when I know that there are still bands like this out there who continue to define what I love about punk…NOT.GIVING.A.FUCK. Their debut 7″ on equally mysterious ORGONE TOILET is the finest pile of garbage I’ve received in the mail in awhile. If you like your punk polished, this is not for you. If you like things that don’t try too hard, or don’t really try at all, you’ll spend an hour flipping this over and over like I just did. 4 songs (one being an ULTRAHUMANS cover) are all you get on this record, “shut the hell up” being the catchiest of the bunch. I truly love all four tracks even though it sounds like they were recorded on a boom box. Scratchy guitar, monotone SPITS-ish vocals, something that sounds like a drum, this record proves that simplicity can be a good thing.

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