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Tracey Trance “Pyper Kub” LP


A kinda new, song based treat from lo-fi keyboard hero TRACEY TRANCE. While near dream states may have been evoked by some of TRACEY’s previous musical adventures, here we have a just ripe bit of pop odd-ballery that you will probably want to hold tenderly to your breast and snuggle with all night long if you give it a chance. “Life Is Like A Goose (Truckin’ On The Gerbs)” gets funky, as the tape starts and stops, just for you, baby. Hot keyboard reshuffle of the melody at the end. If you are not amongst the hate poppers (or do they call themselves pop haters? I forget) this make you smile, you weirdo you. Vinyl co-release with Trd W/dHot Releases,Feeding Tube RecordsFaux Pas Recordings, L’animaux Tryst Canada Goose Tapes. Amazing!!


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