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image OBJECTUM SEXUALS are three freaks from “England” by way of Memphis with an affinity for lamps, glue sticks, pillows and playing totally bizzare garage punk slop. With candy-colo(u)red hair and matching leather jackets with cheetah heads painted on the back (think Iggy Pop), these fuckers are as much of a state of mind as they are a band. If ever you see them live, they prefer that you bring at least one object with you, ideally creating an audience containing more objects than people. I’m not sure if they want to be taken seriously, or if they even take themselves seriously, but Gemma, Hermie, and Gerome are capable of writing some seriously great garbage that is immensely pleasing to my ears. When I asked them about their recordings all they would tell me is that they were done on a tiny pink tape player, which is precisely what it sounds like in the best way possible. If GG Allin, Charles Bukowski, and Poly Styrene did a bunch of PCP and played music together it might sound like Objectum Sexuals. This is a band that is weirder than most things on killed by death compilations. They will hopefully be touring as soon as one of them gets off house arrest, and they don’t have any merch although you can mail them a leather jacket and they’ll paint a cheetah head on the back for you.

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