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Some of the more twisted up dance music being poured onto the internet and into our world in recent memory, Detroit’s MOONPOOL & DEADBAND make electronic dance music that sounds completely alive and organic. Its noisy, funky, nasty stuff. We’ve talked of this gang before at the Hassle, but a little while ago they released a new 12″ record on NOT NOT FUN called HUMAN FLY. It’s 3 tracks of big grooves, stuttering from time to time, and slathered with slithering synth lines and varying shades of noise. WOLF EYE’s Nate Young joins Dave Shettler in making the sounds here and let’s hope they keep at it for a while, or at least until I find a forum to play their tunes at in the live setting. Because really what we have here is the music for a mutant dance party, aka a Boston Hassle dance party. Really some great retro equipment laden, “scuzz techno.” If you’ll be playing this at a dance party let us know.

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