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In wet and dreary Glasgow, Sancho Büna was looking for sun. “I wanted hot air, vivid colours and the most powerful animals in the world. That’s the imagery it gives to me.” he says of his band HALFRICAN, which was born out of recording demos of songs he had written while growing tired of other musical projects. Drummer Jackson learned the songs on the day they recorded, and the first time Büna met bass player (and upstairs neighbor) Anne Droo, he was trying to kick in Büna’s door because “we were partying too hard in my flat.” Now a big happy family, this fuzzy garage trio recently released their first EP. The 5 reverb drenched fuzz filled distorted songs that make up “HOT! HOT! HOT!” truly make me want to drive as fast as possible down a long desert highway. There may be a blizzard happening right now in the Northeast, but I hereby declare Halfrican to be the official band of my imaginary summer. Look for an official release of this and a future EP on cassette on EL RANCHO this spring, for now you can stream or download Hot! Hot! Hot! HERE
(photo by: Stella Wan)

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