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BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS, you are the apple of my eye, my reason for carrying on in this often miserable life, a perfect symphony of shit for my jaded ears…NOT JOKING. This band is tops. I gushed about them a couple of months ago and now I will gush about them again. The two songs on their split with Kalamazoo’s power popping LEGENDARY WINGS, are the stuff that dreams are made of, if your dreams consist of poorly (amazingly) recorded poorly (amazingly) played childishly simple (the fucking best) punk rock. “I’m A Genius” and “I’m a Disaster” are two alluringly scratchy sparse tunes that feature lyrical brilliance such as “you think you’re so clever with your whitebread pussy shit”. I’m still convinced they are recording these shit stains on an old dusty boom box, and I’m still convinced that they are the greatest band in the world.

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