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Five Random Things That Were Awesome in 2013 by Dan Goldin


Dan Goldin is one of the guys who runs EXPLODING IN SOUND RECORDS, a record label that has been quietly instrumental in releasing records by (and thus spreading further the word about) an amazing cross section of Boston/ New England’s best rock (and beyond) bands (KRILL, PILE, GRASS IS GREEN, SPEEDY ORTIZ, OVLOV, KAL MARKS, FAT HISTORY MONTH). I mean look at that list. Jesus! EXPLODING IN FUCKING SOUND RECORDS people. Support these guys for fuck’s sake. Dan also runs the EXPLODING IN SOUND BLOG.

Five Random Things That Were Awesome in 2013 (in no particular order):

1. Seeing Two Inch Astronaut live

There’s nothing like seeing Two Inch Astronaut live. Watching Sam rock out always gives me goosebumps (in the good spooky kind of way). Matt and Daniel are an incredible rhythm section. Everything is jaw dropping perfect even when it isn’t. By the end of the year I’ll have seen them eight glorious times, not too shabby for a bunch of Maryland boys.

2. Sonic Anhedonic Recording Co.

This is a new label based out of Brighton, UK. They are Exploding In Sound Records’ cross-the-pond spirit animal. I’m obsessed. They put out records from The Lunchtime Sardine Club, Vincent Vocoder Voice, Chalk, Death Pedals, and Eugene Quell. Never heard them? Check it out.

3. Krill, Krill, Krill… Forever

Krill killed it all year long. Amazing record, amazing songs, amazing shows and truly great people. It’s only getting better and better too. Love these dudes.

4. Impose Magazine

Is it wrong to promote another music site on a music site? I hope not… I really dig Impose and their wide range of coverage and features. Good journalism and taste making without any of the pretentiousness.

5. Boston (and Western MA) On The Come Up

Sure the Sox won the World Series this year… but Boston had a greater victory in the sense that the country is finally paying attention to one of the most vibrant underground scenes in recent memory. I know that some people may not be thrilled about this, but progress is a good thing. I love seeing Guerilla Toss, Speedy Ortiz, California X, Pile, Fat History Month, Krill, etc. in the national blogs/sites with the rest of what people seem to think is important. Now if only the house shows could come back… 🙂

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