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Five Questions: Palberta

New York Headz plus RI Headz plus Boston Hedz 12/7/19


Before Palberta rolls into Boston to play this sick show on 12/7 with Beverly Tender AND local faves Rong, Queen Crony, Lucy, I was able to get a hold of them for a hot second and ask a few questions. Known for their energetic, frenetic, and incredible-etic approach to instrumentation, Palberta is embarking on a crazy December tour, tearing it up from Philly to Boston and finally going home to NYC. These folks make some incredible tunes, and if you don’t check this show out… hate to say it but you’re missing the chance of a lifetime. It’s gonna be incredible y’all. Check out Palberta’s tunes, check out the show. Support artists.

Boston Hassle: What art has you excited right now? be it music, art, literature, or any media you’re interacting with.

Lily: I just saw this amazing poet named David Larson and he blew me away he’s a great performer. I was also into this band we saw in DC called Knife Wife they are dope. I mostly listen to musicians that don’t need to be plugged in life, like popstars, so I’ll stop there.

Ani: Last night we saw Suzanne Doogan ensemble. It was poetry with percussion and some bass and cello overlay. It was very beautiful and affecting. There was a voice that doubled her attempting to phrase as she would and the imperfect timing of the vocal double had a really eerie quality. also quite funny!

Nina: Sam Ryser’s new book and all of my friends who make amazing art.

BH: What plans does Palberta have for next year? (that you can talk about)

Ani: New album being recorded in January. We have 18 new songs, tons of vocal harmony, vocal acapella, and a classic cover. We will also be touring in Europe for the month of May! And then who knows? Probably a lot more to come…

BH: Who influences you?

Ani: We still influence each other. Each of us have so many different creative pursuits outside of Palberta that continue to grow and thus, there are always new qualities within each others work to be inspired by. But of course, lots of pop and rock as well.

BH: What makes you want to create art? What about your art matters to you?

Nina: What else is there in life to do? Art is fun and I just do it.

Lily: I love art and I’m sweating.

Ani: I love the community of people that I’ve been connected to around the USA through making and touring art/music and that community keeps growing. I love making art so that I can have an excuse to travel and see other people’s art. I also love creating because it’s one of the rare moments that I feel in tune with the immediate / present moment.

BH: What do you miss most right now?

Palberta: We miss TERRY TURTLE !! We love him forever.

Ani + Nina + Lily: monster the cat, corn the cat, billy the dog

Lily: I miss steak I’m hungry for steak

BH: And if there’s anything else you’d like to talk about, I’d love to hear it!

Palberta: hot chicken.

Thanks to Palberta- make sure to check out the show tonight 12/7! (Shoutout to Nankof)

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