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This 2020 Pee Wee for President pinback is based on the classic old Kennedy 1960 election button. I love attention to detail like this. Perfect.
I love Pee Wee. I saw Big Adventure twice the year it was released, once at the Wellfleet Drive In, followed up by Police Academy 2- Their First Assignment. Late in the summer we were hit with a massive heatwave and my Dad took me to the theater to see it again, just to soak up some AC. We got out of the theater and it was still hot as hell out so we went back in and watched Goonies. That was a pretty great summer. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse premiered the next year and I was a faithful viewer every Saturday morning. A bowl of cereal, a stack of comics, and some totally weird and wild tv- I was in little kid heaven. The Playhouse Xmas special is totally mental and perfect. I saw Pee-Wee do his show on Broadway in 2010 and it was fantastic. Thanks for so many years of pure joy Pee Wee!
I ordered some election pins from his website. I’m happy to have these as part of my collection as souvenirs of a fucked up election in a fucked up year.
1.75” – clasp back – 2020

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