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DiZ says. Speaking w/ the hip hop upstart ahead of his Hassle Plague Series stream on 1/17

Join the Cambridge rapper and producer on the Hassle instagram live @ 8pm on sunday 1/17/21


Catch DiZ’s stream on sunday 1/17/21 on the Hassle Instagram Live @ 8pm…

Dan Shea:
Are you happy with the response to Black Water (DiZ’s debut album)?

I am super happy with it to be honest. There was a ton of growth since the last ep and people seem to really like it and really connect with it and that’s really all I can ask for.

What’s new w your music collective Illegal Advisory?

Shits kinda tough with covid cause not everyone got set ups and all that, but everyone really is just doing their own stuff which is cool. Definitely look out for some more collaboration in the future though.

If you could change one thing about Boston post-Covid what would it be?

Music wise I’d say just an actual strong music scene that’s visible to the rest of the country. There’s so many great artists here, but no one really gets the recognition they deserve. That could look like more music venues, more industry connected opportunities, and just a community that helps each other out. Also being a senior in high school right now I’ve seen so many inequalities with in the school system and when those inequalities are voiced they are disregarded. So another change I would like to see in the country not just the city or the state is a space for marginalized students to be heard.

What have you been listening to recently?

I’ve been listening to a ton of Coltrane and joe Henderson. That live at bird land album is really sticking with me right now. I’ve also been bumping that new navy blue project and redveils new track.

Have you done many streams? What can we look forward to on Sunday, and what’s next for you?

I’ll go only live to show off beats of snippets and stuff but I’ve never performed on live. But I’m very excited for Sunday. I’m gonna go thru the album and also perform my new track WASTED that’s dropping on the 29th. Other than that I don’t have too much coming up. I’ve been tryna get into college and that shits been kicking my ass, but after that I’m back to it!

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