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Dispatches from Wicked Queer 2021

A look at this year's subversive and sensual films!


I digitally stopped by the 37th annual WICKED QUEER film festival to sample their wares. In addition to the films below running until Sunday April 18th, the festival’s collection of short films are available all month long! Be sure to support this important Boston organization by watching these films or simply donating to their Paypal.

Raw! Uncut! Video! Dir. Alex Clausen & Ryan A. White

This documentary is a fascinating look into kink and fetish video subculture, something that no longer exists in this form. Palm Drive Video was once the premiere home for amateur gay porn, and the men behind it give delightful talking head interviews about their (obviously) explicit and barrier-breaking videos. It’s wonderful to see older gay men talking about something they were so clearly passionate about. Do what you love! Some may feel squeamish about the dirtier footage (there’s quite a lot of mud involved), but the film is too important a historical document to be ignored. Any existing documentation about regular gay men living their lives from before 2000 is valuable, honestly. Raw! Uncut! Video! implores the viewer to document everything, save everything, share everything. We have to keep this homosexual archive going for future generations because no one else will.

Saint-Narcisse dir. Bruce LaBruce

Hope you have a high tolerance for self-obsession! A man named Dominic with a fetish for his own reflection uncovers a web of family secrets after the death of his grandmother. What he learns changes his life and offers opportunities he never thought possible. All he has to do is find a way to rid this small town of a domineering and abusive monk. I don’t really want to spoil where this movie goes but… trust me, it’s worth it. This is the sort of bizarre queer cinema we should be championing!

Boy Meets Boy dir. Daniel Sánchez López

In the vein of Weekend and Before Sunrise comes Boy Meets Boy, a slight but pleasant feature. Two men, one on vacation, meet in a Berlin club and sparks fly… but where does that take them? This 78-minute film is carried by the back and forth between our protagonists who do not shy away from debating topics such as religion, sex, and polyamory. Though the men are sharing their hopes and dreams, there’s plenty they’re not saying. A somewhat minor entry in the romantic gay conversation subgenre, Boy Meets Boy at least lands the ending with some shocking revelations and sensual moments.

Wicked Queer runs virtually through 4/30

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