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Congratulations! You are alive! You’re reading this for some reason and that’s good enough!


A “Moment of Clarity”, eh?  Mhmm, indubitably, when that lightbulb flashes behind your eyes and you know “aha”, this is that pivotal moment that something not so pleasant transforms into a brick in the foundation of a better life, via a better moment.


It is every life crash, that you survive, or have survived, that makes you the you that you want to be by showing you the you that you don’t want to be. Just look in the mirror; it’s everyone around you whether you like it or not.


Don’t you know that you’re a newly sprouted seed, in every second, even if in a minefield; you can be fertile soil. Remember Viktor Frankl.


A “Very Extended Period of Madness” made me who I am today. My “Moment of Clarity” is every time I choose to become a better me.


I have been called “Crazy”; mmmm, and they are right! Crazy enough to believe that there is something beautiful worth fighting for and that I survived all I have so others will benefit.


My choice is to live a life of peace, gratitude, forgiveness, spirituality and love. This is how I survive the darkness, by allowing the light in; and being a prism.


New Traditions begin now! There are Better Ways for Better Days! “Love, Value and Respect Yourself”.


Punk Rock is Radical Healing!  


Next Workshop is December 9th in Harvard Square Cambridge.

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